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Amplifying Voices: How Sigurd’s Support Drives Musical Empowerment with Mugafi

Amplifying Voices How Sigurd's Support Drives Musical Empowerment with Mugafi

Problem Statement

The beauty of music and writing is tragically seen as just something people do merely for fun. Sadly, there aren’t many platforms where they can learn, sharpen their skills, and get better at it. While the elusive means to reach broader audiences remains a distant dream. Consequently, to sustain themselves, these individuals are forced to let go of their innate talents, driven to embrace alternative means of livelihood. The cruel absence of recognition and pathways ruthlessly kills their creative essence, leaving their boundless skills cruelly untapped.

In a concerning example from Nikhil Kamath’s episode 8 of “WTF is going on in the world of content,” it has been highlighted that despite their creative contributions, musicians, singers, and lyricists in India often face inadequate IP rights recognition, leading to meager earnings. This underscores the need to perform at weddings and corporate shows. Seven out of ten richest celebrities in the World are musicians but India doesn’t have one in a thousand. 

The podcast also talks about Bollywood not kicking and the need for a new model which incentives writers in this country as writers are the backbone and there is no business without them.

The Mugafi Difference

Sigurd-backed Mugafi is a cutting-edge platform that has successfully addressed the longstanding problem of the artists in Tier 2 and Tier 3 urban centers to actualize their interests in music and writing into fully-fledged professions. 

Recognizing the hidden talent bubbling within these towns, Mugafi introduces a platform where creative individuals can truly shine. It’s like a long-awaited platform for aspiring musicians and writers to show off their skills and connect with others who share their passions. Mugafi encourages teamwork, helping them make their creations even better through personalized co-creation programs and helpful advice.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mugafi’s AI tool “Ved” which acts as Co-pilot for writers, offers a variety of features that make the creative process even more exciting. Writers can easily pass through Writer’s block, research their characters, convert stories into a screenplay, or even get a visual understanding of scenes through their comic creation tool making their storytelling more engaging, and connected to the audience doing all this in just 20-25% of the time than in general But that’s not all – Mugafi also brings in real experts from the field to give personalized advice. This mix of cool technology and human mentoring into a world of learning, helps them get better at what they do, learn cool stuff, and overcome any creative bumps along the way.

Sigurd Recognized A New Era Dawns

Sigurd, with its astute vision, recognized the immense potential of Mugafi in ushering in a new era for the creative souls in tier 2 and 3 cities of India. By extending unwavering support and offering transformative opportunities, Mugafi became a catalyst, igniting a spark of hope and inspiration in the hearts of aspiring musicians and writers. Beyond financial backing, Sigurd ensured that Mugafi’s message reached its appropriate audience in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

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Sigurd backed by Amar Ujala has taken an incredible step by hosting the event “Maa Tujhe Pranam,” and the response has been beyond amazing with 5000+ entries. The goal is to discover the top singer who will win a prize of 3 lakhs. The talented participants will be evaluated by the renowned singer Kailash Kher. This event will become a testament to the platform’s impact and the tremendous talent it has uncovered.

Sigurd’s foresight and support have empowered Mugafi to become a powerful force in reshaping perceptions and breaking barriers for creativity to thrive in tier 2 and 3 cities. Together, they craft a new narrative, where artists are celebrated, dreams are realized, and the language of music and lyrics transcends boundaries.

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